Ngjarje interesante ne serialin Lale - KTV

Photo: Jeshim ' <3 '

# Zymryt will talk to Topraken and says he will only she could heal violated his Berkut.
# We will Toprakun Court Prosecutor asks whether it was an accident that happened in the wedding has or purpose.
# While you answers you Toprak was accident.
# The court will decide who gets no Jeshimja ...
# Cenari he will see his belly and realize Toprakes is pregnant.
# Cenari would you say: That I now realize why i say all those lies.
# Zymryt turn did not want to tell because she does not want to undermine family and Jeshimes Cenarit.
# Zymryt: I was not very sure that Toprak was pregnant

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